From making a difference in a child’s life to uplifting a community, this is your chance to make the country a better place. You can transform lives through charity, volunteer support and other ways. Your contribution to our Child Education Fund gives hope to the poorest children and an opportunity to partake in their country’s growth.

In each area that we serve, there are diverse needs. Our charity fund helps in meeting those needs efficiently and in an organised manner. Our children charity organisation has directly benefited millions of lives and helped thousands of children break away from poverty’s grasp. It would have never been possible without your support and determination of helping the poor. You can associate with SANSE in the following ways:


Support us through our:
» Pay Roll Giving programme
» Employee Engagement
» Cause Related Marketing
» Direct Child Support
» Youth Support

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Development Agencies:

National and international organisations (educational institutions, donor organisations etc) can partner with Sanse under Alliances to further the development initiatives at grassroots level.

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Sanse believe that schools by virtue of their reach are greatly instrumental in providing the much needed impetus to our movement for the development of underprivileged children and youth.

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Direct Donations:

» Online Donation
» Through DD/Cheque

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In our journey so far, we have received immense support from numerous individuals across all ages and segments.

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Sanse has received immense support from many celebrities of the country and appreciate their big contribution in bringing Smile to this height.

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Colleges, Students Associations::

We at Sanse have, in our journey so far, worked in association with the youth for our welfare initiatives and have received remarkable support.

We beckon your valuable support for our innovative initiatives.

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Media House:

The media fraternity has given Sanse overwhelming support so far.




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Grassroots NGOs:

You can partner with Sanse under different programmes.

» Mission Education
» Twin e-Learning
» Swabbing
» Sanse on Wheels
» Action For Children

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